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Case Modecom Volcano V1 Gaming, Black

Кат. номер: 2601435

Цена: 307.02 лв. с ДДС

Лизингов Калкулатор
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Основни параметри:

  • Предназначение: За компютри
  • Тип: Big Tower, без захранване
  • Екстри: USB 3.0 на преден панел, USB 2.0 на преден панел, Възможност за Top Fan:, 120 mm, Възможност за Front Fan:, 120 mm, Възможност за Rear Fan:, 140 mm, Възможност за Bottom Fan:, 120 mm
  • Цвят: Черен, Син

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Детайлна информация / Технически характеристики


MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is a modern and spacious big tower computer case for video games lovers. This product is perfect in every small detail. Every video games lover knows how important computer case is. Tool-free mounting, 5 built-in fans and space for another two, construction made of 0.8 mm metal sheet, enormous space inside are features enabling true video games lover to build a perfect PC. There are 9 spaces for hard drives inside the case.


MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is a big tower computer case made of 0.8 metal sheet. The material used is a perfect barrier for sounds emitted by powerful gaming components. The interior of MODECOM VOLCANO V1 was divided into two separate compartments: one for mounting hard drives and the other one for the remaining components. Hard drives compartment may be accesses through small door with a handle. Space for the remaining components is hidden behind a wall screwed on to the chassis.


- big tower for demanding gamers
- solid and strengthened construction with two separate mounting spaces and 0.8 mm metal sheet
- cooling system based on five built-in fans and possibility to mount another two fans on the bottom
- ready for water cooling system to be mounted
- high-quality anti-dust filters
- tool-free optical drives mounting
- tool-free dismountable 3.5" drive tray
- two hot swap 3.5" drives
- support for 4-Way SLI/CF
- side windows in the back mounting compartment
- support for EATX, ATX, Micro ATX
- possibility to mount up to 350 mm video card
- convenient cable organisation system inside


According to Polish gaming website, "The case has everything a high-end case should have, and even more".

MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is equipped with two USB 2.0 slots on the top, two USB 3.0 slots, headphones slot, microphone slots (HD audio) and fan controller. Anti-dust filter is also placed on the top of the case.

Space organisation system
MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is to be admired with its monumental construction. MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is not only spacious, but also very well-organised. MODECOM VOLCANO V1 has also good cable organisation system. Optical drives mounting is easy and tool-free.

Technology on the highest level
Apart from strengthened and solid construction, MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is characterised by a number of technological solutions increasing safety and making to work easier. The case is equipped with high-quality filters protecting the components from dust. The case was equipped with hard drive hot swap system (possibility of mounting and dismounting two hard drives with the device operating). Mounting optical drives is easy and tool-free.

Cooling system
MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is a computer case made for the most advanced components. Due to high temperatures obtained because of gaming components, we placed 5 cooling fans inside VOLCANO V1: two in the front with blue backlight (2 x 12 cm), two on the top with blue backlight (2 x 12 cm) and one in the back (1 x 14 cm). You can mount two more fans on the bottom of the case. Technology on the highest level.

Perfect for special tasks
MODECOM VOLCANO V1 is ready for special tasks. The case was designed basing on high-end technology enabling to apply non-standard configurations. MODECOM VOLCANO V1 was construed with the use of 4-Way SLI/CF technology consisting in correlating several video cards (up to four) at once. This type of configurations requires non-standard cooling system. This is the reason why MODECOM VOLCANO V1 enables installing advanced water cooling systems. There is also space for long video cards inside the case, even up to 350 mm.


Type Big Tower
Dimensions 575mm x 220mm x 550m
Construction 0.8 mm thick steel
USB 3.0 2 slots
USB 2.0 2 slots
Microphone output Yes
Earphones input Yes
Mounted fans 2 x12 cm with blue LED on the front, 12 cm x 2 with blue LED on the top, 14 cm x 1 on the back
Fan controller Yes, on the top of the case
Two additional power connectors for fans Yes
Window on the side in the rear mounting compartment Yes
Place for extension cards 8 x tool-free
Motherboard standard EATX, ATX, Micro ATX
Support for 4-Way SLI/CF technology Yes
Height of CPU cooling 190 mm
Space for additional fans  
Space for power supply  
Height of CPU cooling  
Maximum height of video card  
Mounting space  
Maximum height of video card 350 mm
Recommended for Gamers

Additional information

Mounting space a) 4*ODD external, including 3 x tool-free
b) 6*3.5" HDD tool-free, including 2 x hot swap
c) 3*2.5' HDD, including 1 x under the basket 3,5"
Space for additional fans 12 cm x 2 on the bottom
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