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Switch Electronic, 4PC-1K/V/M, USB, 14.99.3267

Кат. номер: 3601046

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Основни параметри:

  • Производител: Roline
  • Предназначение: Превключватели
  • Тип интерфейс: USB 1.1, KVM
  • Видове: Електронни, Ръчни
  • Др. параметри: 4x порта, с кабели

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Детайлна информация / Технически характеристики

  • 4 PCs can be handled with one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse
  • Switch with 4 KVM cables (3 integrated, each 1.2 m; 1 separate, 1.9 m), HD15 M, USB Type A
  • Console side Connector: 1x HD15 F, 2x USB Type A
  • PC selection by hot keys and automatic scan
  • Max. resolution (nominal): 1920 x 1440 @ 75Hz
  • LED display for easy status monitoring
  • USB bus powered
  • Plastic housing
  • No firmware or drivers required for Windows

  • Contents: Switch with KVM cables
19" compatible   No
Analogue Console: Mouse/Keyboard connection   2x USB Type A F
Analogue Console: Monitor connection   1x HD 15pin F
Quantity of analogue consoles   1
Quantity of PCs   2
Print button on device   No
Colour (Design profile)   black, purple
Hot plug compatible   No
Integrated Hub   No
Cascadable   No
Integrated console   No
Material (casing)   Plastic
Max. resolution (nominal)   1024 x 768 @ 75Hz
Monitor size of integrated console   not applicable
Power supply unit required   No
PC: mouse/keyboard connection   2x USB Type A M
PC: monitor connection   2x HD 15pin M
Product group   KVM switches / PC shares
Product type   KVM-Switch
Switching over Hot Keys   Keyboard
Switching over OSD   No
Switching over Scan Run   Yes
Conveyance good   No
Keyboard/mouse emulation   No
Keyboard layout   not applicable
Technical particularity   LED display for easy status monitoring
Trackball/Touchpad integrated console   not applicable
Supported PC-Systems   USB

Switch with 2/3 integrated KVM cables (each 1.2 m)


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