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Switch NB,2PC-1KVM, USB(14.01.3259)

Кат. номер: 3601076

Забележка: ask

В момента продуктът не е наличен.

Основни параметри:

  • Производител: Roline
  • Предназначение: Превключватели
  • Тип интерфейс: USB2.0, KVM
  • Видове: Електронни
  • Др. параметри: 2x порта, с кабели

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Детайлна информация / Технически характеристики

In addition to offering simple plug and play KVM switch functionality for two USB-enabled notebooks and/or PCs, this switch also allows you to quickly and easily transfer files between the two computers using an innovative file management tool.

  • KVM functionality (dual PC control) - allows you to control your local notebook/PC and a remote notebook/PC via the local computer
  • Built-in supplementary USB 2.0 port - allows the local computer to connect to USB 2.0 peripherals
  • Compact design, all-in-one USB cable solution
  • File system management utility allows you to transfer files between two notebooks/PCs by simple drag and drop
  • No power supply needed
  • Cable length: 0.9 m (local side), 1.8 m (remote side)
  • Contents: KVM switch, carrying pouch, manual
19" compatible   No
Dimensions (HxWxD)   92 x 31 x 14 mm
Analogue Console: Combi connection   1
Quantity of analogue consoles   USB 2.0
Quantity of PCs   2
Audio switching separately   not applicable
Audio switching   not applicable
Print button on device   No
Colour (Design profile)   black
Hot plug compatible   Yes
Integrated Hub   Yes
Cascadable   No
Integrated console   No
Material (casing)   Plastic
Max. resolution (nominal)   1280 x 1024
Power supply unit required   No
PC: connection on moulded cables   Yes
PC: combi connection   USB 2.0
Product group   KVM switches / PC shares
Product type   KVM-Switch
Switching over Hot Keys   not applicable
Switching over OSD   No
Switching over Scan Run   Yes
Conveyance good   No
Keyboard/mouse emulation   not applicable
Supported PC-Systems   USB 2.0
USB Hub switching separately   No
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