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Wireless Charger Qi, Roline 19.11.1020

Кат. номер: 3705051

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  • Производител: Roline
  • Предназнaчение: Зарядни у-ва

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Qi is an interface standard for inductive energy transfer of the "Wireless Power Consortium". Members of this consortium include, without limitation known companies such as HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, and many others.

How does wireless charging work?
For inductive charging requires two devices. A receiver (Qi compatible device) and a transmitter (charging station).
The power transmission is effected via coils which generate a magnetic field. Above this magnetic field, the receiver can accommodate up to 5W and thereby recharge the internal battery.

• Loads a smartphone with the associated receiver or other Qi compatible devices
• No drivers needed
• Plug & Play
• Ideal for traveling, office, leisure, etc.
• LED display
• Colour: white
• Contents: Qi charger, power adapter, USB charging cable

Manufacturer ROLINE
Manufacturer Item No. 19.11.1020
Product group Mobile accessories
Product type Charging Station
Scope of delivery Charger
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