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Virtual Reality Glasses, VR Space, LogiLink,AA0088

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Virtual Reality Glasses, VR Space, LogiLink,AA0088

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  • Производител: LogiLink
  • ОПАКОВКА: Retail
  • ПРЕДНАЗНАЧЕНИЕ: Virtual Reality

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Discover new places in a fascinating virtual reality with LogiLink’s VR (Virtual Reality) glasses. The 360° view lets your surroundings come to life, right in front of your eyes. Whether 3D movies, games or 360° videos, with the virtual reality glasses AA0088 you can sink completely into the new world and delve into a whole new experience. You can arrange the lens distance and fit it to your eye distance (pupil distance). In addition, the zoom distance / focal length to your Smartphone can be adjusted to get the ideal sharpness. Enjoy a high wearing comfort with a well-padded frame, which can be individually fitted to your head size (adjustable straps). Limited use with eyeglasses.

LogiLink® Virtual Reality Glasses

  • For innovative games with your smartphone
  • Discover countries and cities
  • Suitable for Smartphones
  • Adjustable rubber belts, focus and interocular distance
  • Padded frame fo a gentle wearing
  • Dimension: 195 x 135 x 105 mm
  • Color: Black/silver
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